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There's so much involved in special effects. Between the rigging, the pyrotechnics, the explosions, the pneumatics, the hydraulics, the water, the flying of people - it's endless what we do. Wray Douglas, Special Effects Supervisor

Special Effect Department (SPFX or FX) create effects that cannot be achieved by normal means on a shoot. Special Effects are in charge of explosions, wind and fog.

Positions discussed in this episode:
Special Effects Supervisor: Also known as the Special Effects Coordinator, the sfx Supervisor is the head of the department and designs and directs all the special effects needed on the job. This position requires special skills in pyrotechnics, rigging, engineering and safety.
Special Effects Assistant: Assists the special effects supervisor as required.
Stunt Coordinator: The person responsible for preparing and organizing all stunts on a production - everything from car chases to fights and building falls.

    episode two
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