The Crew
The Crew
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What Educators and Industry Professionals are saying about THE CREW:

Those who want to become rich and famous in the film industry need to see The Crew, a documentary series that strips away the glamor surrounding filmmaking ... Highly recommended.

Read More/Less - J. Osicki, Library Journal
The Crew was filmed on-location during actual production, offering viewers real-life examples of working in the "biz"... Recommended.

Read More/Less - Randy Pitman Publisher/Editor, Video Librarian
The Crew is an excellent addition to any career investigation library at the district or school level.

Read More/Less - Gail Lennon, Resource Links
A fantastic tool for educators to inform students about the employment opportunities in the film industry

Read More/Less - Joanne Peters and Sean Brown CM Magazine
As a teacher who has shown the The Crew in classroom situations, I say the production quality is excellent and the interviews provide very good information. I give the disc two thumbs up.

Read More/Less - Rhea Rose, Curiculum Reviewer & Teacher
Candid and engaging ... a very useful tool for students who wish to explore a variety of roles and responsibilities involved in production ... helps them identify the skills and training needed to pursue careers related to film and television.

- Michelle Nicholson,
Coordinator, Instructional Development, Open School BC
A fine cornucopia of highly entertaining and instructive mini-episodes celebrating the daily life and aspirations of 'below the line' film technicians.

- Elmar Theissen, President, IATSE 891
I am amazed at how each department is presented ... great verbal descriptions and presentation of each job in the filmmaking business

- Raynald Couturier,
Coordinator Training and Development, New Brunswick Film