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The people I work with closely, besides my own department, would be the make-up department who we usually share a trailer with. We work in a pretty cramped space, so we try to keep everything relatively calm. The hair chair is, well, we kind of call that place "the womb" - it's a comfort zone. Janet Sala, Hair Stylist

The Hair Department is responsible for the hair of all actors and background performers. The Hair department is also responsible for wigs.

Positions discussed in this episode:
Head (or Key) Hair Stylist: Designs and is responsible for Styles the hair on all on-camera talent. Also supervises the fitting of any wigs or mustaches, as well as hair tinting.
1st Assistant Hair Stylist: Responsible for assisting the head hair stylist.
2nd Assistant Hair Stylist: Responsible primarily for background performers (extras).

    episode four
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