The Crew
The Crew
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Film Industry Careers - Where is the Information?

Young people everywhere are interested in a career in film production. However it seems finding a job as a technician on a film crew is shrouded in mystique and it is very difficult to find out what it's all about, or how to get started in the film industry.

In six 22-minute episodes, The Crew, an educational documentary video series, unravels the mystery and explores the various technical positions that form a film production unit. The Crew, covering 18 different departments from Grips to Costumes, Lighting to Make-up, vividly presents the jobs and lives of film production workers.

In each episode, The Crew follows technicians from three various departments, in the milieu of a film set as they perform their jobs. The technicians talk candidly about hierarchy, job demands and the creative aspects of each position. They discuss how to get started, entry-level skills required, pay rates to expect and the personal pros and cons of working in "the biz".

The Crew not only unveils the secrets of breaking in but also provides the tools necessary to make an informed career choice.

"The Crew's objectives are very simple. I wanted to catch film technicians in action and have them explain to the audience what it is that they do: What is the function of their department? What is the hierarchy of the department? What skills are necessary to perform their job? What are the personal impacts of working as a professional motion picture technician? And the ever-popular question, how can I get a foot in the door?

In making The Crew, I feel I accomplished a dual purpose, which was to impart the secret knowledge of the closed world of a film set and to give the people behind the scenes - motion picture technicians - the chance to tell their stories."

Michael Rouse - Producer